"Fool" Proof Tarot: Answer any question using simple techniques

作者 : Anmarie Uber
出版社/廠商 : Tuggle Publishing

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Want to read tarot with unwavering confidence like the pros do? “Fool’ Proof Tarot” will provide you with the simple tools necessary to quickly transform you into a power card reader!

Anmarie takes you to the next level in Book 2 of this tarot series by increasing your skill set and instilling an understanding that whether you think you are psychic or not her methods will bring accuracy and amazing insight to your sessions. Here is a sample of the exciting topics you will explore:

- Fearlessly predicting the timing of events
- Giving a mediumship session using tarot cards
- Easily answering anything no matter the question
- Mastering simple “yes or no” answers with ease
- Discovering the hidden symbolism in tarot…and more

Banish doubt and deliver detailed in-depth readings that blow minds every time. A fortuitous future is in the cards for you so hurry and grab this brilliant book “Fool’ Proof Tarot” today!

頁數: 236 pages
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