Revival Art Lenormand


貨品編號: 09212
Many people know that the visual energy of paintings can have a huge impact on the perception and understanding of the environment, as well as on our psychological state. Each picture has a strong energy, its own special mood and this “state” of the picture can be understood easily.

The “Revival Art Lenormand” deck with fascinating plots of famous artists accurately conveys a rich stream of feelings. At a conscious or unconscious level, you will have to feel the energy that was laid during the creation of this work.

The “Revival Art Lenormand ” deck consists of 36 cards covered with a protective coating and a guidebook with keywords. The size of the cards is 80x120mm (3.15in x 4.72in).

容量/重量/尺寸: 36 cards, 80 x 120mm
價格: $580HKD


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