22 Talismans Tarot (22 cards)


貨品編號: 09077
The word Talisman comes from Greek Telesma meaning to "initiate into the mysteries". A talisman is an amulet or sacred object considered to possess magical powers, placed on this object by an outside force. An inanimate object that one makes animate. In magic a talisman is endowed with magical properties or magical forces of a specific nature. It could also mean a sentimental object or souvenir that when revisited years later; evokes a certain emotional response...

Master craftsman Osvaldo Menegazzi has created a symbolically rich, gorgeous deck of Trumps with the 22 Talismani. The cards touch that part of the heart-mind that relates to symbology across the span of time and space. Most likely no written interpretation is needed. Those who understand Tarot symbols will intuit many of the meanings.

Limited edition in 250 numbered sets.
The box has the il Meneghello hot wax seal.

Cards: approx. 14 cm x 10.15 cm

Cardboard Box: approx. 17.78 cm x 11.43 cm

容量/重量/尺寸: 14 x 10.15 cm
價格: $1280HKD


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