Forest Creatures Tarot Limited Edition

出版社/廠商 : Tarocco Studio


貨品編號: 08052
The unique Forest Creatures tarot deck. Let the Elves from the fantastic forest bring you into a magical atmosphere and share their secrets with you. The mysterious creatures have appeared in the writings and fairytales many centuries ago. They have always surprised everybody by means of their extraordinary abilities. Now they are ready to share their secrets with you.

The Forest Creatures tarot cards have a deep mysterious meaning and very powerful energetics. Every detail has its own sense. Deep into this mysterious world of magic where the elves will help you to answer all your questions.

Tarot deck consists of 78 unique cards. Each card has an incredibly bright image in a beautiful frame and does not leave anything to be desired.

PRODUCTION: Production of "Tarocco Studio"
AUTHOR: Tarocco Studio
COMPOSITION: 78 cards + guidebook
COVER: Plastic flosted

產品出版地: 俄羅斯
容量/重量/尺寸: 80 x 130mm
價格: $680 HKD
VIP會員價格: $612 HKD
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