Faces of Death Tarot

出版社/廠商 : Tarocco Studio


貨品編號: 08051
The dark deck “Faces of Death” is designed to recognize the reverse side of obvious phenomena and study closed places in the spiritual world. The purpose of the deck is to provide the user with the illusion of what is happening and turning into a new reality. The faces of death in the deck symbolize the second, closed side of the situation, which can be opened by removing the mask.

Each card of the “Faces of Death” deck is a reflection of light and darkness. The beauty of deadly faces surpasses living souls in strength. Dark power helps analyze psychological problems in all situations.

The deck consists of 78 cards. Thick cardboard. Each card has a matte protective coating on both sides. Author of the deck is Fabian Laer. Year of production: 2019

產品出版地: 俄羅斯
容量/重量/尺寸: 80 x 120mm
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