Osiris-K Healing Pendulum


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Pendulum of fine wood. Its geometry is based on the number of gold and the development of the logarithmic spiral. It is a real and formidable tool of power because it transmits the PHY ray. Useful in rituals, magic and everything that is related to astrology and the mystical. Very sensible.

Made from Cocuswood (Fabaceae: Brya ebenus) it follows the alchemical "Doctrine of Signatures", namely that the qualities of a plant will display the tell-tale signs, marks, or configurations indicating how that plant may best be used for healing. The Cocuswood tree helps to fix Nitrogen to make barren soil healthy again for other plants. This implies that this wood has its own intrinsic healing properties since it restores health to the soil. Finally its wood is valued for making musical instruments because of its excellent musical tone quality (timbre). This implies harmonic connection to the cosmos, or the Musica Universalis. An ancient philosophical idea that music is also a mathematical and spiritual property created by the movement of the planets.

This pendulum's wood is in harmony with the divine order of the cosmos. The overall result is an outstanding healing pendulum that is personally used, and endorsed, by Erich Hunter Ph.D. for pendulum healing work.

尺寸: 8cm
價格: $370


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