Before Tarot Deck

繪師 : Eon & Simona Rossi ; 作者 : Pietro Alligo, Floreana Nativo
出版社/廠商 : Lo Scarabeo

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貨品編號: 06724
Following the great success of the New Vision Tarot and the After Tarot, this is the third volume of the Trilogy: the Before Tarot. The traditional images of Tarot are now portrayed a few moments “before” they happened. Each of the Arcana opens a wholly new window into our understanding of the cards, adding a time dimension to what we see and know.

產品出版地: 意大利
容量/重量/尺寸: 78 cards, 66 x 120mm
價格: $330 HKD
VIP會員價格: $297 HKD
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