Infernum Tarot


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This tarot is based upon a medieval German deck that was lost some time ago or is no longer in use. In short, it's a secret within a secret. There are four suits: snakes, inverted pentagrams, bats, and tridents. It is not the normal deck, per say, because it was developed to sense your true nature of the Self - Ego. The cards tell you your weapons for success for the past, present, and future by revealing what your Ego (True Self) was doing at the current time. These cards connect with the inner nature of your subconscious and when asked questions will reveal what it is that you subconsciously want or desire. I have also included more info regarding the cards and what each one means. This deck is one of the most sought after decks in its time. It also has two unique spreads (Inverted Cross Spread & Inverted Pentagram Spread) to find out any situation about yourself or about someone else. It is so accurate that it's scary. The power of each card resides in the card itself and each being has the influence to change things when asked. The beings of these cards are very powerful and have the power to influence any desire created by the person who owns the deck. Once the desire is thought of, it will manifest itself into fruition. So if you want the power to change your life and what it holds, I would buy this deck. Be careful of what you want and desire. I have also included the meanings and representations of each card for further study.

容量/重量/尺寸: 30 cards
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