Under the Roses Lenormand

繪師 : Kendra Hurteau, Katrina Hill ; 作者 : Kendra Hurteau, Katrina Hill
出版社/廠商 : U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


貨品編號: 05454
Discover the buried secrets in Under the Roses, a charming 39-card Petit Lenormand deck. For each card an iconic image is presented with delicate, sepia- toned illustrations.

In addition to the 36 standard cards, this deck includes alternate cards for the Child, the Gentleman, and the Lady. The 60-page booklet offers keyword summaries for each card., as well as instructions and diagrams for reading with the Lenormand method, guiding the reader through basic techniques, two-card combinations, spreads, tableaux, and advanced techniques. 34 page book included. 39 cards.

產品出版地: 美國
容量/重量/尺寸: 39 cards, 2.25" x 3.5"
價格: $240 HKD
VIP會員價格: $216 HKD
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由 w04394 於 2017-04-18 20:38 發表:

Very good card quality, easy to shuffle, and perfectly fits my hands! Beautiful design too.

worth your money.