6" Taper Candle

Though also used for decoration, in power outages, and a variety of other reasons, these taper candles are of great use within your candle magic and other spells. Standing 6" tall and 3/4" in diameter. Burning for approximately 5 hours, they are wonderful for your more lengthy rituals as well as the brief. Made in USA

容量/重量/尺寸: 6"
價格: $20HKD

產品編號 產品 介紹
03546 Black
Banishing, the destruction of negative energies, and in some cases, the element of earth
04139 Blue
Representative of the element of water, blue taper candles are often used within candle magic and various other spells in seeking healing, peace, sleep and dreams.
03548 Brown
Blessings for the home, new beginnings, and when you are trying to build something wonderful within your life, to help find stability and balance in all things.
03549 Green
money drawing, and otherwise influence your magic when you are seeking positive growth, change, and fertility. Outside of magical practice
03550 Orange
Orange taper candles are often representative of fire, or the sun, and are used within candle magic and similar ritual practice to represent their qualities. To this end, it can often offer strength or authority, and help provide awareness and clarity. The warmth offered can also be used to help invoke kindness
03551 Pink
emotional healing and to empower love spells, but can also be used within candle magic and similar ritual practice to help nurture friendship, harmony, and inner peace. They are popularly used to help win the one you desire, or to help mend broken hearts
03552 Purple
Use them to help delve into your spirituality, and aid in developing psychic awareness and ability. Similarly, purple candles are sometimes used to help invoke the higher self, or to aid in opening the third eye within your practice
03553 Red
Related with Love, Passion, and often use in healing and health purpose.
03554 White
Often associated with peace, purity, and spirituality. To invoke peace and happiness for healing, or are seeking the aid of the Goddess to help strengthen you in the face of adversity. They are also sometimes used in seeking protection, helping to defeat and keep at bay negative energies
03555 Yellow
help unlock creativity, and as a color of the sun it is sometimes used to find clarity, making it great for divination, seeking wisdom, and similar uses

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已找到工作,多謝German ! ^^