Abrahadabra, understanding Aleister Crowley by Orpheus, Rodn


貨品編號: 01877
Thelemic Magick as it is practiced today owes an umistakable debt to its main proponent, Aleister Crowley. And yet Thelemic Magick, separate from Crowley`s admittedly polarizing exploits and personality, remains one of the most effective and well-documented systems of ritual magick available to modern spiritual seekers. Abrahadabra covers the meditation, ritual, and philosophy that form the foundation of magical study in a fun and casual style and balances this theory with hands-on exercises. This book is an excellent introduction to Crowley`s form of magick, and presents a workable system of magick for anyone interested in "The Science and Art of cause Change in accordance with the Wll."

頁數: paperback 196 pgs
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