The Secret of the Kingdom Oracle deck

Author(s) : Kyoung-A Ko
Publisher : Prime Muse

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Item Number: 09761
Korean Tarot Cards - The Secret of the Kingdom is a Tarot deck with the background of Joseon Dynasty of Korea, a long history of Korea. We can indirectly study the history and experience various cultures of Korea with these cards. Aren’t we excited to learn a history of a country with Tarot deck!

Based on Real Stories - Secret Kingdom cards contains real people, locations, cultures and customs. We were able to draw thousand years of history in Tarot deck but it is far beyond ability to show all the history of Korea. But since it is important to balance the important stories and the role of Tarot deck, we had put a lot of efforts.

Primium Quality Cards - 2.91"x4.4" (74x112mm) size cards are made with premium quality. The front rectangular frame and edges have gold foils and the background has Hunminjeongeum that is registered as UNESCO Memory of the World. You can surely experience high quality Tarot Cards Deck.

Full Color Guidebook - It is pocket size with 2.91"x4.4" (74x112mm). This full color tarot guide book has core contents of the Tarot cards. It is simple but impactful guidebook that you can experience the history of Korea. Provide original PDF file of English guidebook (by email)

Safe Packaging - Tarot deck delivered to you have additional hard case packaging to prevent physical damage. You will receive perfect product.

This is a great present to those who loves tarot cards.

Product Details :

- 400gsm white core paper full color printing, total 82 cards in 2.91"x4.4" (74x112mm) size with matte UV finish for more classy quality. Also the front rectangular frame and edges have gold foils.
- Guidebook is full color 176 page with 2.91"x4.4" (74x112mm) pocket size.
- The card and guidebook are in the magnetic flip box.

Country of Origin: Korea
Volume/Weight/Size: 82 cards, 74 x 112mm
Price: $480 HKD
VIP Member Price: $432 HKD
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