Shuffle Tarot Collection C

繪師 : Petpodpot Pettoonza, Oomsin Phumphat ; 作者 : Mate Horonumber (Praphats Boonbumroongsuk)
出版社/廠商 : DeckStiny


貨品編號: 11871
Concept : The Shuffle Tarot Deck, 2nd edition, produced only 1000 decks around the world. It’s includes 116 cards that is 22 Major Arcana of Shuffle Tarot A., 22 Major Arcana of Shuffle Tarot B., 40 Minor Arcana, 16 Court cards of Shuffle Tarot A., 16 Court cards of Shuffle Tarot B.

The Shuffle Tarot is the shuffled world of RWS Tarot deck that the character, place, atmospheres, and everything is shuffled. The world that The Fool isn’t walking to the cliff, The Emperor doesn’t have to guard his throne, The Magician doesn’t have to put his hand up and guard a table. If they step out of the old box, where and how will they go? And what kind of situation are they encountering?

At the front of each Shuffle Tarot cards, you will see a lot of familiar symbols, places and legendary characters. They will bring you to a creative way of telling a story through a picture which will definitely excite you and make you enjoy. This adventure will take you to their new world. You will also have to come back to observe the details of the card fronts with symbols that you used to ignore in the RWS Tarot deck.

- 116 cards
- 330 GSM Arts card stock
- Coating: Matt
- Edging: Silver Glitter Foil
- Format: 66 x 120 mm.
- Guidebook: You can scan QR code to get the Keyword guidebook .
- Box: Magnetic Box
- Year: 2nd edition 2024.
- Limited : 1000 decks

產品出版地: 泰國
容量/重量/尺寸: 116 cards, 66 x 120mm
價格: $880 HKD
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