The Ancient Stones Oracle

繪師 : Katie-Louise ; 作者 : Rebecca Campbell
出版社/廠商 : Hay House Inc.

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Rediscover your sacred connection with ancient stones and harness their wisdom for healing, protection, and guidance with this gorgeous oracle from author and card deck creator Rebecca Campbell.

Stones are the most permanent material on earth. They have seen civilizations come and go. They have witnessed and withstood eons. Bones of the earth, Ancient Stones are living history. They hold and preserve our stories, offering us a portal to reach back into our ancestry. Stones are powerful teachers, healers, and guardians.

This activating oracle card deckinvites you to consciously connect with stones as wisdom keepers, recognize their incredible power in transmitting wisdom, and unlock a sacred connection that—for many of us—has been severed in our lineages.

Call upon cards such as Holy Mountain, Singing Stones, The Secret Chamber, Guardian Stone, and more, and they will support you to:

connect with positive ancestors from your ancestry, known and unknown
foster a sense of belonging and heal deep-seated wounds
embrace change so you can unleash the wisdom and transformation within you
access unwavering support and open up to unconditional love
remember to slow down and savor the precious moments in life

Through working with the 44 cards and accompanying guidebook you will learn to trust your sacred intelligence, follow your inner dialogue, and develop a sacred connection to Ancient Stones to help you tap into your inner light and invite blessings into your life.

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容量/重量/尺寸: 44 cards, 4" x 5.5"
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