Pam's Vintage Tarot 3rd Limited Edition



貨品編號: 10032
Pam's Vintage Tarot is a restored edition of one of the oldest Tarot decks, illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith. It is presented to you as result of my commission work thanks to courtesy of Tarot deck collector from Australia who provided high resolution scans of the deck from her private collection. (Note: this is not the same deck as US Games or any other copyright RWS Tarot but much older first edition!) Specific modification are made with goal of creating more genuine ageless design that can’t be linked for specific geographic place, ethnicity, or time. I must say, we are all Happy seeing result; think PCS would approve too! :)

list of changes it differs from traditional RWS & previous edition:
*Original hi-res card scans (front & back) are merged with extra dark paper texture for vintage effect
*All text & borders are removed from all cards front and back
*recolored back design
*78 tarot cards, + 8 extra court cards & 2 color variante cards art
*New 320gsm cardstock with linen texture!
*Original design tuckbox

容量/重量/尺寸: 6 x 9 cm
價格: $680HKD

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