Hermit Tarot Channelled Messages Oracle Deck


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This deck was created intuitively and is a great resource to use to connect with your intuition - ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INTUITION.

As a tarot reader, my aim is always to provide clarity, support and guidance on your journey through love, life and everything in-between. I hope you can use these cards to empower yourself and gain the clarity you need to move forward in your journey. Love + Light

How To Read The White Cards:

All channelled messages are inspired by cards from the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck HOWEVER not ALL tarot cards are in this oracle deck.

Each Minor Arcana-inspired card is printed on a white background with a number. The card does not reference a specific suit on purpose (i.e. Cups, Wands, Swords or Pentacles) - Allow your intuition and the depth of the words to guide your interpretation of the card. Your interpretation of the card will vary as you become familiar with your deck...

Pay Attention To The Light Blue Cards:

Spirit / The Universe / God / Whatever-Deity-You-Seek-Wisdom-From will use the light blue cards in this deck to communicate advice and remind you that you are being guided throughout your journey. These cards are considered unofficial Major Arcana cards and are very significant. These messages may not be from your person specifically but will aid you in reading the energy of your shared connection.

Other Coloured Cards:

Grey cards are cards of confusion - They indicate uncertainty, challenges and potential regret that your person may be currently experiencing.

Black cards are cards that represent the many facets of The Devil XV card in traditional tarot. These cards are very important to me as they illustrate the specific barriers you connection is facing - co-dependency, addiction, substance abuse, unhealthy attachments, unrealistic expectations and of course, over-sexualised behaviour that could be stunting emotional development.

All other colours are intended to provoke emotions and intuitive responses and are not linked with specific cards or suits (i.e. Cups, Swords, Wands & Pentacles).

容量/重量/尺寸: 100 cards with plain box
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