True Black Tarot


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True Black is a 78-card tarot deck, complete with magnetic closure box and accompanying booklet. The box, booklet, and every card's front and back are adorned with black-on-black gloss/foil stamped designs.

True Black's inspiration is timelessness. Tarot is a compendium of mankind's omnipresent hopes, fears, and dreams, and a tarot deck should feel as everlong and constant as our human nature. The figures, styling, and clothing are designed to be enigmatic in presence, unable to be placed in any specific time or place, though simultaneously colored with facets of both the past and future, an artifact of our collective consciousness.

The stars and the unknown feature heavily in this deck. Humans across all geographic locations and times have been captivated by the wonders of the unknown, embodied as firmly today as it was aeons ago in the stars and the darkness. Artwork features starmaps from ancient and modern times, constellations, and scientific discoveries that simultaneously reveal fascinating new discoveries and more closely anchor us to an ageless universe.

Core to the concept of True Black is exceptional and unparalleled quality, both in its imagery as well as its construction and manufacture, setting a new standard in build quality and execution. Where the artwork speaks of timelessness, the deck will stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

Every TrueBlack deck comes complete with:
- 79 cards on thick, matte stock
- Magnetic book-style box
- Guide booklet

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