Egyptian Mummy athame Set


貨品編號: 03678
This wonderful set of ritual athames are bedecked in Egyptian imagery, making them particularly well suited for anyone who finds kinship with the ancient gods of the Egyptian Pantheon. Within you will find two athames and settled within a vinyl sheath, large and one small. Both possess cross guards worked into the image of winged eagles, accented by a small red gem set just above the blade, and while the blades decorated in inscribed hieroglyphics.

The smaller of the two however possesses a handle sculpted into the image of pharaoh in funeral dress, laid to rest with his crook and flail. The larger athame's handle portrays two serpents, spreading around a glossy, black and brown haft before turning into an elaborate pommel, which itself depicts four pharaohs in funeral dress, identical to the handle of the small athame as they lay at rest with crook and flail. The larger of the two measures approximately 18 1/2" long and the smaller measures only approximately 10" long.

Together they are the perfect accents for your altar, and fine tools for your ritual crafts.

容量/重量/尺寸: 18.5"
價格: $1000HKD


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