Keymaster Tarot


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Hundreds of years of tarot wisdom underlies this deck. Lorenzo Gaggiotti has based himself on the two most famous tarots, the Tarot de Marseille from the 16th and 17th. Century and the Waite -Tarot of 1910. The artist chooses precisely from both epochs in a combination of medieval representations and the playful Art Nouveau scenes, finds his personal expression and opens spaces in universes that are full of secrets that resonate in our soul and trigger a longing for answers. The mysterious images do not let us go, they seduce us to look for the keys to the adventure of our life and to open new rooms again and again. The KEYMASTER-TAROT can be entered like a large lock. Everything is hidden here. Our task is to find the right keys and to open the doors to (still) unknown spaces - to decipher the dreams, wishes and mysteries, to understand them. If we follow the keymaster from room to room, we will recognize ourselves and find our way. Contents: 78 tarot cards and 80-page booklet

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